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Welcome To The Cook Dinner Islands Herald

Seems the Commander is popular with the grassroots in Fiji however not the Fijian hoi-po-loi, that money grubby, again handing lot solely excited about what the government can do for them! The Commander doesn't want an invitation as he's free to return as an observer. He may sit behind McBully, Key and Madam Aussie Chick.

Word is MOIP will remain for Rarotonga but will help OMIA in key areas such as energy, water, roads. Rumours reaching Big Red on the coconut wireless and CNN -Coconut Network News, is that some 120 house house owners and businesses are staring potential mortgagee gross sales in the face. If this hearsay is so, government can not stand by and do nothing. In March a local resident has calculated that some 70 people left the island for a better life overseas. The calculation was based on garage sales advertised, anecdotal proof and word from associates.

Now that may have been innovative! After all NZ has had this tax for fairly some time. Talk about local Cook Islanders doing it for themselves and that has to be good chooks. Why bludge and sponge off authorities all of the time? Once politicians get involved, the method turns into murky.

The naked kneed Head of Audit made do with borrowed longs for the relaxation of his stay. The QR’s residence has been turned the other means up in an apparent frantic search for that invitation. You know, the one from Buckingham Palace. Word is the residences of a variety of high ranking MPs have additionally been turned the other way up.

How can the Cooks name be endlessly etched in Olympic history? Enter a sprinter into the ten,000m race. For the first lap our sprinter races to the entrance at high speed and stays there for the whole of lap one.

Lets hope the CIP don’t turn into bogged down in leadership issues and in-fighting and finger pointing just like the Demos did after 2006 when the Demos received the election with 15 seats! The Demos then proceeded to split into two camps with 6 on one facet and 9 on the other. There’s hope for the little people yet chooks because of the Judiciary! In one recent case not solely was a novice granted his day in courtroom in opposition to legally better equipped opposition however the Justice ensured justice was carried out and seen to be accomplished.

For that sort of cash we might develop something else. Something that can generate an earnings and provide jobs. And why are water meters being considered? You cannot expect the public to pay for unclean, unhealthy, untreated water.

NZ has provisions at a permanent state of readiness and has a good suggestion of what’s initially needed, shelter, water, medicines. After Cyclone Sally and in 2005, the French navy had been right here neatly from Tahiti ahead of the Kiwis. Big Ministerial tere party heads abroad once more next week as China beckons chooks. PM Puna can be right down to poke his nostril in alongside the way and Brown may put in an appearance though the purse strings might hold him back. The Bishop shall be preaching pearls of knowledge and fishy tales about tourism with a group in tow. How’s this for a very radical concept chooks!

Over right here it seems we now have a love affair with pot holes. Word is chooks a couple of highflyers could quickly be cut off on the knees as proof piles up in opposition to one in particular. Watch for whispers to reach the ears of an abroad constabulary. Why does authorities count in the variety of Cook Islanders coming home to see family?

This will save the public thousands. There may also be a giant saving on gas payments. And talking of banks and their outrageous charges chooks, when you wish to convert US dollars to NZ dollars, go to Global Express. As their ad says they actually have the best rates on the town. On the same day two chooks went to convert their US$50 traveler’s cheques to NZ currency. The chook who went to Global Express came away with NZ$62.